Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentx Dental Care & Paediatric Centreis specialized in providing advanced diagnostics and treatment of dental disorders. They are among the best places that offercosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad. Many choose cosmetic dentistry for improvising the smile. At present, Cosmetic dentistry is in very high demand.

The makeover with the help of Cosmetic dentistry makes oneselffor theupliftment of theirself-esteem, and self-confidence.  Many number of cosmetic treatments are been offeredby Dentx Dental Care & Paediatric Centresuch as teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, veneers, cosmetic re-contouring, smile design, and tooth color fillings.

If an individual’s teeth are stained, discolored, worn, chipped, broken, misaligned, misshapen, or have gaps between teeth, then modern cosmetic dentistry promises to give a better smile. A perfect smile makeover is something one needs to improve the appearance of the smile with one or more cosmetic procedures. Our experts Cosmetic Dentists develop the most suitable treatment plan.

There are several cosmetic dental procedures but not all will be working for everyone. The dentist will help in understanding which procedure is the most suitable and gives a perfect smile. Below mentioned is the information that is quite helpful to get a quick learn about the various types of procedures that are available.

Dental Colour Fillings– Dental filling technique used to restore the function of the missing tooth structure. Tooth colored fillings material includes Glass Ionomer and Composites. The most versatile & widely used tooth colored filling is composite resin filling.

Dental Cosmetic Recontouring– Peoplewhoaredissatisfied with the shape, size, length, and surface of their teeth can just visit our dental professionals they will give you the best dental solutions through the procedure of Cosmetic Recontouring. This process is also popularly called as Cosmetic Reshaping. In this procedure there will be altering of the tooth’s size, length, shape, and surface and is used for fixing the small chips, smoothing out bulges or pits in the tooth’s enamel, adjusting irregular tooth shape, or adjusting the length of canines. It is one of the most conservativecosmetic treatments that are availablewithout any kind of discomfort for the patients and needs no anesthesia.

Dental CosmeticVeneer- Veneeris a thin layer that is made of porcelain or composite material whose primary factor is to fit over the front surface of a tooth. It is used to treat dental conditionssuch as a slightly crooked tooth, unattractive gaps, and discolored teeth, mask stained, chipped teeth, and also to cover spaces in between the teeth.Thefront surface of the enamel is removed and impressions are made and sent to the lab. The lab constructs a new surface which will be from porcelain. Then the new porcelain facing is then stuck onto the tooth with a very strong adhesive. Apart from other bonding materials, veneers will not change color over time. They are stain-resistant and have a natural tooth-like appearance that gives a brighter and more youthful smile.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening- This is also called “teeth bleaching”. Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and affordable ways to improve the smile. Many take utmost care for their teeth, but still, there will be yellowish or discoloration that occurs over time. This type of change can be usually caused due to aging, substances that stain the teeth like overconsumption of tea, caffeine drinks like coffee, soft drinks, and tobacco. Teeth whitening procedures arethebest choice that gives the smile one always desired, this procedure is limited to one time it must be repeated from time to time if a person wants to maintain the brighter color. The teeth whitening products contain one of two tooth bleaches that are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These bleaches break the stains into tiny pieces that in turn make the color less concentrated and teeth brighter. The major disadvantage of this procedure is that it might cause sensitivity.

Smile Makeover-It is usually referred to as the usage of veneers and crowns to change the appearance and alignment of the smile. The smile designs are done by the top Specialists who treat the patients who want a complete smile makeover. There is no age limit for the patients anyone can undergo this smile design process and with the teeth aligning can be done. One can get a cherishing smile at very affordable costs. The major disadvantage of the smilemakeover procedure is the treatment is irreversible and can lead to a few complications in the future.

Dental Jewellery- Itis among the latest procedures that are used for the beautifying of the teeth and smile. It gives a smile that radiates. The small gems products are bonded on the teeth to give the teeth a glitter. The jewel will be applied on a natural tooth it will stay on the tooth until one wants to remove it. A tooth jewel usually stays for 6 months to a few years.

Consult our top dental specialist as we are the top cosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad and will give you a perfectly even and balanced smile.