Pediatric 1st dental visit

The First Dental visit of the child to a pediatric dentist will be from 6months from the birth of the baby or whenever the 1st tooth erupts. When your children visit Dentx Dental Care, you can be assured that we will make that first visit enjoyable and positive.

Pediatric Dentist is primary & specialty oral care providers who treat children from infancy through adolescence, including those with special health needs.

AT Dental First Visit- What We Do:

Your child’s first visit will include an oral examination, digital X-rays, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment (painless treatments) ONLY so that we make that first dental visit pleasant.

We never do any procedure like extraction (tooth removal), root canal treatments at the first dental visit, or on the day of the first consultation, as a child needs local anesthesia (Injection), child might not co-operate for successive appointments.