Pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentist

Dental health for children should not be left out…it should be planned. Our goal is to have children become, independently healthy, so they may grow up disease free, with no fillings and with the necessary knowledge to keep their teeth and gums for life. As soon as your baby’s teeth begin to emerge, they can be affected by tooth decay, so start cleaning their teeth as soon as they appear. Getting your child into a good oral health routine at a young age will help ensure that they continue to have good oral health when they are older.

Pediatric Dentistry is the branch of dentistry concerned with providing comprehensive dental care and treatment for the child patient; making it the most satisfying and rewarding type of dentistry. Treating a young child is the most challenging speciality where most of the general dentists do not dare to venture. The main reasons for this could be the strains involved in the management of children and mastering the vast speciality and that encompass Pediatric Dentistry.

The dental office offers the full range of treatments for children, including

  • Dental basics- Brushing-Flossing-Do’s & Don’ts
  • How to care for child’s teeth?
  • Pediatric dentistry treatments
    • Fluoride application
    • Preventive resin restorations
    • Pit & fissure sealants
    • Stainless steel crowns
    • Composite build-ups
    • Fragment re-attachment procedure
    • Root canal treatment in milk teeth
    • Habit breaking appliance
      • Thumb sucking
      • Tongue thrusting
      • Lip biting
      • Lip sucking
      • Mouth breathing
  • Space Maintainers.
  • Extractions
  • Traumatic injuries of the primary teeth
      • Chipped or broken teeth
      • Knocked-out tooth
      • Partially dislodged tooth
      • Tooth pushed up [Intrusion]
  • Treatments under General Anesthesia.
  • Orthodontics
    • Anterior crowding
    • Cross bite correction [Anterior & Posterior]
    • Deep bite
    • Bruxism [Grinding teeth]
    • Proclined upper anterior teeth
    • Preventive & Interceptive Orthodontics.
  • Sports Dentistry
  • Management of special child

Every child has a fundamental right to his/her total oral health and we have an obligation to fulfill this faith.

Pediatric dentistry is a very specialized branch for tiny toddlers and teenagers. Pediatric dentists are well trained to do age appropriate treatments with special techniques and materials. Where a pediatric dentist helps

  • At birth child may have natal teeth which are to be trimmed or removed according to the conditions.
  • Brushing should be started as soon as the first tooth comes in the mouth of a baby.
  • Habits like thumb sucking, teeth grinding and mouth breathing can be controlled with specially designed plates within few weeks.
  • Bad teeth smile can unknowingly decrease confidence level in children. This is where smile design helps.
  • The child should be treated at the earliest with dental problems in milk teeth to avoid damage to permanent teeth.
  • Pediatric dentist can give you the best services as far as any dental problem your child faces:
  • Children with dental problems have least interest in chewing food owing to the improper teeth shape and pain due to decay. Tooth decay can be managed with fillings/ root canal treatment followed by special cap/crowns for children.
  • Differently-abled and children with special needs also require dental treatment by a Pediatric dentist.
  • Tooth trauma or sports injury can be prevented with special guards.
  • In case of emergencies like injury, swelling, sharp shooting pain pediatric dentist should be consulted.
  • Teenage dentistry comprising smile design, yellow teeth whitening, tooth jewelry are some of the services.

Tips Avoid having sweet and sticky food frequently; gargle after each meal, brush twice daily, visit a pediatric dentist every six months for regular dental check up and apply fluoride gel.


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