Safety Protocol


PPE  Suits

we provide Personal Protective Equipment to our staff & doctors to protect every patient and also us. we provide PPE suits, Gloves, head caps, Shoe cover, Goggles too patients to protect themselves from any cross-contamination possible in the clinic premises.

UV "C"  Tower:

We sterilize each operatory room after every case to remove any accumulated virus in the room for protection of every patient and also our staff.

Hepa Filter:

We use Specialized air filters in operatory room during procedures to entrap aerosols produced during the treatment to prevent accumulation of droplets in the air.

Stermist-sub micron ultrasonic dry fogger

This is relatively new in technology. Instead of heat, it uses sound energy to break particles into the sub-micron size and dissipates it into the clinic atmosphere. 100% safe for doctors, staff & patients

Triple Bucket Technique:

We mop our clinic premises thrice a day with detergent , disinfectant liquid and sodium hypochrolite solution.

Thermal Screening:

We screen temperature for every patient before they enter the clinic through non-contact mode.


We make sure every person that enters the clinic sanitize their hands before entering the clinic.

Pulse Oximeter:

we check the oxygen saturation levels of every patient before they enter our clinic.


We follow 4 step sterilization processes & make sure every patient to ensure 100% sterilization of Instruments and complete destruction of all viruses & Spores.

COLD Sterilization:


Keeping the instruments in disinfectant solution [CYDEX] for minimum 30 minutes & then Scrubbing, cleaning in running water.
Ultrasonic cleaner:

Cleansed instruments again put in an Ultrasonic cleaner chamber for 20 mins. After that Dried & packaged in separate Sealed pouches.
B-class’ Autoclave:

 We at Dentx Dental Care use ‘B-class’ Autoclave to ensure 100% sterilization.
UV Light Chamber:

Once sterilization is completed, we store the pouched instruments in UV Light Chamber, in the sterilization room to maintain sterility of instruments till they are used.